Maximize Your Sales Potential, Maintain A Positive Brand Image, And Effectively Control Your Online Product Representation

For brands that sell through a network of online retailers, maintaining control over product performance can be challenging. My E-Com Wizard is a centralized marketplace management solution that saves time, reduces risk of overselling, and streamlines the sales process through inventory, order, and pricing management. Get real-time sales performance insights, inventory tracking, and maximize profits with this effortless sales management solution.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Helps manage inventory and monitor stock levels in real-time

Centralized platform to view and update product information, set reorder alerts, and manage inventory across sales channels

Can be used for managing Amazon FBA inventory

Integrates with sales channels and updates stock levels in real-time

Reduces risk of overselling and being out of stock

Handle Customer Orders Efficiently

Capture and track customer orders with My E-Com Wizard

Update inventory levels and process payments

Ship orders for seamless and efficient customer experience

Aims to provide a smooth process from order placement to customer receiving the purchase

Get Comprehensive Reports

My E-Com Wizard provides a variety of reports to help understand online sales and customer behavior

Sales reports, performance reports, inventory reports available for analysis

Helps grow business by providing insightful data.

Master Your Pricing Strategy

Make price adjustments effortless with My E-Com Wizard

Quickly spot and fix pricing errors

Allows monitoring of retail promotions to guarantee proper execution

Maximize Your Online Visibility

Simplify the process of assigning keywords and setting search terms for your e-commerce business

Easy-to-use interface for managing online visibility and improving product discoverability

Streamlines optimization efforts

Helps reach wider audience with ease